Sustainability – Remember your Factory

The last year has seen brands on overdrive with their PR machinery, when it comes to sustainability. A large part of the focus has been

Sourcing Simplified

Are you buying Genuine Organic Cotton Products?

What’s the Issue? In October ’20, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the global certification standard for organic cotton products, published a report which shed light

Sourcing Simplified

“We are looking for a Strategic Partnership”

Strategic relationships take time and the right frame of mind to develop. It is not just a pivot you make to diversify your supplier / buyer base. You have to be willing to give freely without every transaction needing to hit the minimum internal financial numbers you might have set for yourself.

MOQ Monster
Sourcing Simplified

Tackling the MOQ Monster

If you are sourcing any product, it is quite likely that you have been confronted with the dreaded question of MOQ. MOQ – an exotic