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Things to know about Recycled Cotton Bags

The constant use of plastic bags has taken its toll causing major landfills and harm to marine life. Plastic is non-biodegradable and hence causes litter.

Acknowledging the issue as a global concern, to save the environment, the use of cotton bags are always promoted to curb the use of plastic bags.

Various governments all over the world joined in on the campaign and introduced new rules and even banning the use of plastic bags. This seems to have a little effect in some countries, while some remain oblivious to the issue.

How can we eradicate the use of plastic? Well, the answer lies in everyone. Raising awareness and making the public understand the harms of using plastic bags and introducing other alternatives like recycled cloth bags can be the first but a huge step in confronting the issue.

While the concept remains fairly new, recycled cotton bags are an eco-friendly biodegradable alternative that can be used and reused multiple times. Shopping with reusable bags is a great way to take part in reducing litter and conserving natural resources. Patodia Organics manufactures their recycled cotton bags adhering to all standard guidelines for the most popular brands in USA.

Unlike plastic bags, they do not leave any waste and are strong and durable.

They also come in various designs and some are even customizable.

Over the years, cotton bags have certain popularity. They are now seen as a more viable option than plastic bags. However, the rise of its popularity is slow progress. But, the future for these bags remains bright. Various big names in the industry have also promoted the use of recycled cotton bags too.

Everything has its ecological footprint, if you are unaware of what it means, it is a method of measuring the amount of nature required to support humans or an entire economy.

Similarly, our recycled cotton bags are no different. Cotton bags have a high carbon footprint and have to be used at least 131 times to reduce their environmental impact. Since they are a durable alternative, it is plausible and much more eco-friendly to use them as much as possible.

However, recycled cotton bags, have a less carbon footprint, which is even a greener alternative since they have little to no environmental impact. but, they are still durable and can be used for a longer period. They are biodegradable as well and do not threaten the environment with any pollution like landfill or water pollution.

Why should you be interested in buying one?

Did you know that we currently use 500 billion bags annually, aground the globe and which amounts to 150 bags per person! Switching to an eco-friendly option like a recycled cloth bag can reduce the number and the carbon footprint at a great rate.

Cotton bags can be used multiple times and can also be washed! This also a greater step to following a much hygienic lifestyle since plastic bags are not often washed and can easily contaminate us.

The production of cotton bags usually takes a very little amount of natural resources hence, contributing to its conservation.

Plastic bags are not recycled as the cost of recycling them is higher, unlike cotton bags. Besides, the production of plastic bags also leaves a massive amount of carbon footprint as well. They are non-biodegradable and often end up at the garbage dumping grounds or in the incinerators giving out harmful gases as they burn or polluting the land as landfill for millions of years.

Caring for our environment means, caring for our health! If we go through the statistics, you will be surprised to see that, the plastics that do not reach the recycling plants or the dumping grounds are subjected to photodegradation which releases toxic polymer particles.

Moreover, 100,000 mammals every die due to ingesting plastic. Pollution or coastline waste amounts to 10% of plastic waste.

Thus, using eco-friendly alternatives like recycled cotton bags can reduce the statistics and also keep us healthy in the longer run.

5 mind-blowing facts that you didn’t know about recycled cotton bags!

If you aren’t convinced still now, here are some facts that will make you switch to recycled cotton bags!

  • Closing the loop- The plastic bags polluting the land and water is an endless loop! However, we can be the hero! How? Recycled cloth bags can be typically used for 3 to 4 years before they experience wear and tear. But, after your bag has worn out, you can recycle them again. Recycling also gives a less and less carbon footprint.
  • Conserving energy- The production and manufacturing of plastic bags require massive natural resources and energy. So, using recycled cotton bags can actually reduce the need for using natural resources and energy and thus conserving resources and energy!
  • Save Money- Did you know every time you ask your shopkeeper for a plastic bag, you are actually spending a huge sum of money! Yes, investing in a recycled cotton bag will cost a bit more than the plastic bags, but it can be used multiple times and is a good investment for the future! You can save money every time you take a trip to the grocery store.
  • Saving Nature- Did you know that our harmful decisions are costing the life of approximately 1,000,000 marine life every year! This implies that about 8 metric tons of plastic reach the oceans every year and marine animals mistake it for food and end up ingesting them.

Doesn’t feel good right? But, such a loss can disrupt the ecological balance of the environment thus affecting us in numerous ways.

Let us save the environment for future generations to come so that they can enjoy the natural resources that our mother Earth has gifted us.

However, it is also our duty to teach future generations to responsible while handling natural resources and raising awareness about how plastic bags can affect our health and cost a lot of lives.

Switching to greener alternatives like recycled cloth bags will not happen overnight! Rather, constant promotion and awareness should be distributed among the common mass. We also need stricter laws restricting the use of plastic bags which will bind us to switch to environment-friendly bags.

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